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Sharp Residence
Chicken wire, Plaster and Metallic Glazes
American Clay Bristle Cone Pine
American Clay,Pyrite and Micah
10 foot by 20 foot wall
Sculpted Copper Poppies
Copper Bas Relief
Hammered Copper Stove Hood
Close Up
Plaster,Copper Paint and Patina Glazes

I am a custom surface artist. I work on walls,cabinets,trim,doors,stove hoods, fireplaces and furniture. Whether you would like to recreate a piece of textile for your mid-century dining room or add warmth to your living room walls. I have over 100 different hand-made samples to choose from. I can talk with you about the feeling you would like your space to evoke and work with your interior designer, contractor and/or your architect to achieve the home you feel comfortably inspired by. I use only the highest quality products and have 19 years of experience. I would love to get a chance to listen to the vision you have for a home and see how we can achieve that.